A little bit of history

Under the name of INSULAR, we begun our journey on the 27th November 1961. It was only in 1963 that our name was changed to the current “Viajes Insular, S.A.”

The original purpose of Viajes Insular, S.A. was, almost exclusively, to support the development of the incoming tourism in the Canary Islands. To this end, we were settled in the most important touristic areas in those days, and equipped our offices with the latest communication devices, hiring the best tourism professionals, to put it all at the disposal of the Tour Operators we represented.

Viajes Insular, S.A. provided services and helped to grow many Tour Operators, which became the biggest ones in Europe over time. Some of them do not exist anymore as they merged with bigger ones or just ceased trading.

As a complement to our Incoming activities and as a guarantee to a better service, we set up our own Bus Company in Gran Canaria, Tenerife and Fuerteventura, called Bus Tours, S.A., so we could arrange airport transfers and excursions by our own means.
Growth was very fast in those years, making the business spread to all the islands of the Canaries, and allowing us to open our outgoing travel agencies in order to provide this service to the local clientele.

In the mid-seventies, and as a promotion tool, we took part in a consortium, called Sun Servic,e with other incoming agencies from Spanish mainland touristic areas: Cosmelli in Balearic Islands, Etusa at the Costa Brava, Alhambra in Andalusia, and Costa Blanca in Levant. Thus we could afford to attend all international touristic exhibitions with our own stand and carry out joint campaigns.

Since the beginning, in order to provide our visitors with a better knowledge of the Islands, we scheduled a wide range of excursions. Later on, and due to its success, an Excursions Pool was established together with other agencies, which allowed us to offer air excursions to El Aaiún (Sahara Desert) from Tenerife and Gran Canaria from 1966 to 1975. Some years later this joint venture ended up in the creation of Tamaragua Tours.

Since the early years until today, Viajes Insular has come a long way, subject to the ups and downs of the local economy, and the fluctuations of the global tourism industry. We have reacted wisely enabling us to keep going for more than 50 years.

In our long business development, we have received public acknowledgements and awarded with many prizes, standing out the Golden Medal of the Canary Islands Government.